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behind closed doors.

Josh and I sat down the other night to watch a movie. We chose “The Dilemma” with Vince Vaughn and Kevin James (2 of my husband’s favorite comedians/actors). Vince Vaughn’s character finds out that his best friend’s (Kevin James) wife is cheating on him, and he must decide when and how to tell him. He first decides to confront James’s wife (played by Winona Ryder) to which she tells Vaughn, “you don’t know what goes on behind closed doors.”

It got me thinking….no, I’m not about to confess that I’m cheating on my husband or that he’s cheating on me or that we have a weird relationship. We have a perfectly normal, happy relationship….

How many times do we assume we know what someone does in their life, or what they’re thinking, what they’re like…and how far off base are we?

A lot of people label me as, well to be honest, kinda bitchy cause I stand up for what I believe in and for what I think and feel to be right. I don’t like confrontation, but I don’t  hide from it either. I’m just a passionate person with a lot of opinions. However, I am a very compassionate person too, and where I may seem to have a hard exterior, I’m a softy on the inside. Yes, I’m the girl that will get into a fight at a wake and then cry enough for everyone in attendance 10 minutes later. I’m the girl that will get into someone’s face but then cry later because I don’t want them to not like me!

I became an Aunt last month. My first nephew, Jude. A beautiful little boy, and I adore him so much, but I have to admit, learning of my in-law’s pregnancy was hard, and watching it happen was hard because my husband and I have been married for almost 6 years (4 more years than they proud new parents), we’ve been trying to have kids for at least 5. I was never not happy for my in-law’s, I was thrilled for them, but I was sad at the same time. What is amazing to me is the amount of people who say, “oh we thought you guys would be first” or “you’ll be next, but you’re probably thinking no way, I don’t want kids” or people who ask my mother-in-law how it feels to “FINALLY be a grandma” etc…..truth is…my husband and I DO want kids, and we have been trying. It just amazes me that people make these comments assuming that we don’t want kids because we haven’t had any yet…and some of these people are family….shouldn’t they know us better than that? Which brings me back to my original point of this blog…you never know what people are going through….or what they do in their private lives.

I feel like there are only a couple people who know me really well. I don’t even think my family members all get me or know me that well, especially those who only see me in small doses. Sometimes, I feel like I don’t even fully know or understand myself!


Don’tcha just hate it when……

…you hold the door open for someone, going out of your way to be nice and they don’t even acknowledge you, let alone say “Thank You.”

…you get pulled over by a cop after being passed by someone going even faster than you and passing you where there is no passing lane? Where was the cop, Oh I don’t know, 5 minutes sooner?

…you go to a restaurant to have lunch with your husband (or wife) when your waitress who has already made a bad impression spills your soda refill all down your side? What kind of a tip do you leave then??

…2 of your best hockey players from your beloved Pro Hockey team both get snubbed at an award ceremony when they clearly deserve to win.  Staal should have at least for sure won the Selke Trophy, what BS!

…you get up early and it looks like you’re going to be early or on time for work and SOMETHING, whether it’s traffic, weather, construction, old people, bad drivers,  Overload hauls (on roads where you can’t pass), your dog not coming in the house after being let out to pee, a  cat getting out, your stomach starts to hurt, your spouse drops a contact, etc….manages to make you that 5-10 minutes late?

…people refuse to give you a compliment, yet fish for them all day long?

…people complain about not being able to go on their 2nd or 3rd vacation for the year when you haven’t been on one in 2 or 3 years?

…you have so much to say but don’t know how or where to start so it just makes you tired and so you don’t even bother?

…you manage to cut the pineapple with your pampered chef pineapple wedger without cutting yourself, only to bang  your hand off of it in the sink later and give yourself a nice big cut on your middle finger right where it bends?

…it’s only tuesday and it feels like it should be friday already?

…it’s sunday and you realize you have to go back to work tomorrow and you got nothing done you wanted to this weekend, nor did you catch up on sleep like you promised yourself you would?

…everyone tries their best to annoy you all at once? and succeed.

…people are so far up each other’s butts that they can’t even find their own anymore?

…you go to the store and the woman in your aisle thinks that you want to hear her discipline her kids with as much screaming and force as possible? Lady, I don’t care. Please stop announcing your drama to everyone, I’m just trying to pick out a decent smelling air freshener – maybe you should find the soap aisle!!!

…you go to a salad bar and this random woman won’t move, she’s not putting anything ON her plate, she’s eating things Off her plate, so you can’t get what you want?

…the same lady at the salad bar decides to stop eating and wants what you just put on your plate so as you’re putting the tongs down you notice her going for them so you go to hand them to her and she SNATCHES them OFF OF YOU and doesn’t say a word…doesn’t even look at you? I wanted to shove those tongs up that woman’s nose.

…no matter what you do, it’s not good enough for some?

…you have too much time to think about all the things you hate??

Yesterday I read an article about the Flyers and one of their “Leaders” Chris Pronger. Apparently after being beat by the Blackhawks in the first 2 Stanley Cup Championship games, Chris skated  over to the puck at the end of each game and took it, so not to let the other team have it. Many feel this to be very childish, some view it as leadership, motivation for his team…..WHAT??…here’s what it is….

It IS childish…It’s Elementary school, which is the mentality one can expect from the Flyers.  It’s like, “oh yeah? you beat me? well you can’t have the puck.” It’s a wonder why he didn’t end up in the locker room with a towel over his head and arms crossed over  his chest in a big out Pout stance….When it boils down to it, he can take, have, keep all the pucks he wants…what matters is the trophy. Is he going to run on the ice and steal it too if the Blackhawks win?

Maybe Chris should stop trying to get into the heads of the Blackhawks and focus on getting his  OWN into THE GAME.

So after reading this article, I am on the way home from work and I hear the guys on The Fan radio show talking about how Matt Drozd, Allegheny County council member, wants the Philadelphia Flyers to win the Stanley Cup.

“Here we have a Pennsylvania team, a state team in Pennsylvania, plus the more revenue that they bring in-the longer they stay in those playoffs-they bring more revenues and it alleviates the tax burdens on the people in Allegheny County as well as Pennsylvania.” –Matt Drozd

Matt wants the city of Pittsburgh and Penguins Fans to cheer for the Flyers……….HUH???? In what alternate reality is this douchebag living in?

How on Earth can we root for a team as dirty and childish as the flyers when we’re used to OUR young team acting like respectable adults like they should?

How can we root for the Flyers when Chris Pronger acts like a baby and doesn’t show proper etiquette towards the other team just because…and this is what it’s all about….HIS TEAM CAN’T PRODUCE A WIN…..go steal something off of one of your own teammates, don’t hate the other team for doing what they are supposed to do….WIN!

How can we root for a team that has Scott Hartnell who wanted to taste Kris Letang’s finger to see if indeed it was “finger lickin’ good?”

Most importantly how can we root for a team that we have learned to hate all season long year after year? If we root for them, we lose that rivalry, that fire, that spark.  And if we root for them, doesn’t that make us sell-outs? It makes me SICK to think that this guy is serious…..

Everything shouldn’t be about money….Matt Drozd is talking taxes this and taxes that….what about principles? What about team obligation, team support. He continued to say he roots for the Pitt Panthers, Penn State AND WVU……to me that isn’t being supportive, it’s being wishy washy, not being able to have allegiance to a team….just like a true politician…making sure you try your best to please everyone and not just sticking to what you believe in.

My allegiance lies with the Penguins, and I would rather shoot myself in the face than root for those dirty scumbags from Philly.

awe, but you see?….now I have even more reasons to hate the Flyers! Just when I think I am running out, they go and do something stupid!

Yesterday was Memorial Day, and I wanted to go swimming up at Ohiopyle. So my husband and I headed up the Mountains to visit the fam and swim. Well of course Ohiopyle on Memorial day is always packed, so we headed down the bike trail a good ways to find a clear spot.  As we’re in the water, my mother-in-law suggests a “fun” idea….”you guys should just swim back down to the entrance rather than walk the trail….” hmm….

well I was gung-ho, the hubby was a little worried that I might not be able to do it…hmpf! so there we were, 6 of us…My Brothers-in-Law Clay, Aaron, Brett, Me, Josh and Lacey (Clay’s wife). We were all gonna do it….the water was freezing cold, but it didn’t bother me b/c I love swimming in cold water…As we headed out Lacey decided she didn’t want to risk it, afraid that she may cramp up, which in that cold of water is very possible.

Then there were 5. Bump, Bump, sharp rock, current, Sharper Rock, Current, Bump, Bump and 1/4 of the way in…we lost 2 more….Josh and Brett…OUT. Couldn’t handle the beating their feet were taking….understandable.

Then there were 3…

It was such a thrill, and so beautiful, being out there, the 3 of us, in the midst of kayakers and

No Kayaks for the Krysaks!

rafters….being the only crazy ones swimming….Surprisingly I was in the lead for most of the time…not always by choice or determination…some of those times the water had its own ideas for  me…and I just went along with it.

Sure, we all got banged up pretty good…there’s not a limb or 6×6 square inch of my body that doesn’t have a “tender” spot…but man was it fun! At one point I hit a rock so hard I thought I tore a chunk of my side off….the cold water acted like ice so the stinging went away quickly at least.

Things got hairy when Aaron pulled a cramp in his calf muscle, I stood in the river yelling back techniques for him to work it out….eventually it felt better, and we moved on.

Afterwards, when we got out, my hubby repeated over and over again how stupid it was for us to do that and that Mom wasn’t thinking that all the times she did it, she at least had a flotation device…he said “never again, not without me”…..but I’ll tell you what….I had a blast…I  was never scared, I never panicked when I missed the rock I was trying to hit b/c the current didn’t want me to reach it….it was AWESOME. The bruises and scratches are well worth it!

Although, now I have even more spots from where the rocks scraped off my fake tan…LOL…the price you pay for adventure, I guess!!!


Apparently not in my family. My husband, brother and I threw a surprise 35th year anniversary party for my mom and dad, and even though I felt it was a huge success, and my parents loved it, I still ended up bawling my eyes out on the following day. Why? B/C apparently some guests had bugs up their butts for some reason and made some comments that were uncalled for and not nice that got back to me….but a day late so I can’t do anything about it now. And all but one of them came from family members!

From the skinny who “don’t want to have to step over people to get to a seat” (even though the seats were fine) to the cake nazi who demands you cut the cake at every function when THEY want it cut, to the cake nazi’s friend who never says anything nice to your mother, to the One Upper who makes EVERYTHING a competition…..ENOUGH!! I don’t know why everyone was so bent out of shape…but it was obvious at the party…some more than others…and it was obvious by the comments that were made there and after…all I tried to do was throw a nice party for my parents and not trouble everyone with too much work….sorry if you didn’t feel important enough, but the party wasn’t about YOU……

Anyway, the party was a success, Mom and Dad were happy and so were many of our other guests. Keeping it a secret was a lot of hard work and I personally almost gave it away several times in conversation with my parents. The thing that surprises me the most is that my mom and dad actually seemed shocked that I could lie so well…, they’ve known me for 28 years!!!…they haven’t caught on yet? LOL.

I would like to thank all those who brought or made stuff, and my brother and hubby for being supportive and helping me out with whatever they could….and never put up a fight! Those two just let me give them tasks and chores with no arguments! I also want to thank everyone who came to the party to help us celebrate such a special occasion.

It truly was a special day, for two very special people! I love you mom and dad! Now like I said, don’t expect another one for your 50th…I may never recover from this one!

Here are some pictures:

Pink VS Yellow…

I’m probably going to upset a lot of girls out there but…..PINK JERSEY’S are stupid! Look, unless it’s a Breast Cancer Awareness Jersey with the ribbon, pink jerseys are dumb. What are you supporting? Your team? or that you’re a girl? Because last time I checked the Steelers don’t have pink in their colors (Yes, I know Pink comes from RED which is in our Logo – but it’s not the same), and isn’t the point of wearing a jersey to show support for YOUR TEAM??  The yellow jerseys don’t bother me as much because yellow is in our logo….and our GOLD sometimes appears to be more yellow than Gold in some merchandise, signs, etc. So if you have to go with a girly jersey, go with yellow!

Girls get a bad enough rep when it comes to sports, we obviously don’t know what we’re talking about b/c we’re girls…that’s what they think, right? Not all guys out there, but you know those tough, I know everything guys….they look down on girls when it comes to sports…so don’t encourage them by wearing a PINK jersey! Sure, maybe you look cute in pink and maybe it’s “like your favorite color”…..but don’t do it!

I know color shouldn’t define us, but pink jersey’s just bug me! It’s not like I’m racist against the pink jersey, but even as a woman, I don’t think pink belongs in a man’s sport….unless like I stated before, it’s for a Breast Cancer Awareness thing…like when they sold the hats with the pink rims that the players wore, that’s cool….we bought one, and it MEANS something!!!

C’mon girls, man up and wear the true colors!!! Just think of it like this…doesn’t it turn your bf or husband on when you wear their shirt to bed or around the house?….well, start wearing a Man jersey to or during football games and your man will really be turned on because:  A.)  you’re wearing their shirt (or a guy’s shirt) and B.) you’re actually watching football WITH them instead of yelling at them for watching it!

As much as I HATE HOSSA, I have to root for the Blackhawks to win the Stanley Cup this year, it’s either that or root for a whole team that I love to hate…the Flyers. Don’t get me wrong, Hossa is very talented and kinda quiet so one might ask why I hate him….

After their first battle with the Red Wings, Hossa (then a Penguin) decided to leave the Penguins to become a Red Wing himself b/c he said he wanted to win the cup and had a better chance at doing

that with Detroit. Flash Forward to next season (in this flash forward everyone is still alive, no worries LOST fans)…Penguins VS Red Wings and Marian Hossa….we all know how that turned out! PENGUINS WON! Hossa not only left the Penguins, but he left them hanging, their focus was to resign him, which seemed to be good to go, even Hossa hadn’t given any signs that he may not resign.  Some say maybe Ryan Malone would still be a Penguin if they knew Hossa wasn’t interested.

Anyway, despite all that, I cannot root for a TEAM (Philly) I hate, because Hossa is stupid.

Ok, enough about the Blackhawks and the Flyers…let’s talk Penguins. The other night I had a dream about Jordan Staal. He and I were at some church service. He was wearing a brown suit and it looked JUST LIKE HIM! He had his arm around me, and had mine around him, and he said something funny to me.  I looked up at him and said, “you’re so cute.” He replied, “I know,” with that big Jordan Staal grin, and I leaned up on my tip toes and kissed him on his jaw line in between the cheek and chin.  So, when we were getting ready to leave we turned towards each other and I accidentally stepped on his foot…I said to him, “sorry, you have big feet.” Again, he grinned at me and said, “Remember that.” hahaha…..I knew he was joking rather than being perverted…it was pretty funny. He was sooooo cute, and the dream felt so real, when I woke up, I was kinda sad! (sorry honey!!! but if Megan Fox was your girlfriend in your dream, you’d probably wake up sad too!) Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my husband, I wasn’t sad to be married to him…just sad that the dream was over……I mean it’s Jordan Staal!!!!! The funny thing is, my mother-in-law and brother-in-law were both in this dream, and didn’t seem to care/mind or think it was weird that I was with Jordan and not my husband! Oh if only!! ;o)

It’s funny because I never dream about movie    stars….it’s usually Athletes, and usually PGH     athletes, but primarily Penguins. Evgeni Malkin, Brooks Orpik, and Jordan Staal have all been my boyfriend before in my dreams. Doesn’t surprise me though b/c I adore all of them! I’m just surprised I haven’t dreamt  about Letang or Talbot.

Remember, I may know my stuff as far as sports go, but I’m still a girl, so I’m allowed to have these kind of dreams!!! That doesn’t make me one of “those girls” that ONLY likes players because they are cute and know nothing about the game! I can’t help it my hormones take me captive in my dreams! But I’m not complaining either!!!

Feeling LOST more than ever….


Where do I begin? Lost has captivated me pretty much for it’s entirety…there was a time last season where I got out of it a bit and was just like, “Oh C’mon….MORE PEOPLE on the Island? Are you Kidding me?” But I did get back into it…and loved it.

So Lastnight, my mother-in-law had a LOST party! My husband and I got together with my brother-in-laws and soon-to-be sister-in-law and we sat there for 4 1/2 hours glued to the tv and watched all the LOST we could handle! Of the finale, the first 2 hours and 20 minutes were amazing, everything looked like it was all coming together, Jack Killed the Smoke Monster that took over Locke’s body, people were being reunited with each other, remembering the island, all good, right?

NO!!!!!! It ends that they are all DEAD….I repeat, they are ALL DEAD. Apparently we’re supposed to believe that some did make it off the Island and led other lives, and that when those lives ended they had chosen to meet up in this alternate world to then advance to Heaven together. Sort of like Titanic (which my brother pointed out)…when the old Rose finally kicks the bucket she goes back to the ship where they are all waiting for her and clapping.

Ok, here’s my problem with that… the ones who survived the Island went on and lived their lives, probably some got married, had kids, etc. But yet when they died they ALL chose to be with their island significant others? Sure, that may be believable in some scenarios, but not all.  For example, Sayid….he was obsessed with Nadia (Sp?) before the island, on the island, after Shannon died, and in his “alternate life” she was even there…so don’t you think that he would have chosen to spend eternity with her? Sure she married Sayid’s brother in  Sayid’s fake alternate life, but she loved Sayid, she would’ve chosen to be with him.

Some people are happy with the fact that everyone is dead….really??? I mean, not only did they suffer enough on the Island, but most of them went on to live lives where they were constantly missing each other, until they died. Sure, it’s great that they are all together now, but wow, we cared so much about these alternate lives, crying and laughing at the reunions and it made us, the viewer, happy and emotional…thinking Thank GOD they got to go on an live normal lives and find each other and be together………but they’re all dead. My brother made another good point….

Get over yourself, kid. Apparently we're all seeing dead people.

It’s like the Sixth Sense, Bruce Willis thinks he’s alive, living, loving, missing, suffering…and then we find out he’s dead…and he’s been dead all this time.

From what I’ve read there are those that believe everyone died when the first plane crashed….well then what was the point of Jack’s dad saying, “the time you spent with them on the Island”…blah blah blah…?  I believe that everything we saw on the Island was real, there’s where the bonds grew strong, strong enough that they’d all want to meet up in the After Life.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show, I really did…i just hated the ending. I wanted the Flash Sideways to be real, I wanted everyone to find each other and be happy….I know, not everything has a happy ending…BUT….usually not EVERYONE DIES….it’s like the writers got bored and just didn’t want to develop the stories between the characters anymore or explain anything so they just killed everyone off……which brings me to my other point….if I ever decide to go back and watch the show again, the deaths of those beloved characters like Boone, Shannon, Charlie, Sun, Jin, Locke, etc…won’t have as big of an effect on me b/c I know that it ends with everyone dead so who cares?

I think the writers of the show tried to be TOO ambiguous at the end and it was an easy cop out…the only thing that would’ve been cheesier is if it was all a dream they were all having on the plane at the same time….and then woke up as the plane landed at LAX….

My Husband and I recently went to Pittsburgh Pirates Game (No, that’s not a joke), and our row  was almost completely empty.  Unfortunately, I was sitting next to a woman who I could barely tell was breathing, I mean complete drone, just sat upright in her seat and stared straight ahead the whole time. So my husband and I thought, “Great, if no one comes, we’ll move down a seat and that way I’ll have an empty seat beside me…”   Wouldn’t you know, a group of 3 people came down our row and sat right next to Josh….Now, mind you, my husband is a big guy…so who should happen to sit next to him???….an even BIGGER guy….and I mean BIGGER!!!! They didn’t put the skinnier guy or the girl next to my husband…no, they put the biggest one of them right next to him.  So my poor husband was squished cause this guy wasn’t shy about bumping arms or legs….

So, here’s the  kicker….the next 8 or so seats to the right of this group of 3 were unoccupied the WHOLE NIGHT…but yet it never occurred to them to move down a seat thus giving the big guy and my husband more room! So around the 7th inning my husband decided to get up and go watch the game from the food court  area for a few minutes….when he came back he sat in the unoccupied seats where I joined him.

My point is, I know the stadium frowns upon people sitting where they don’t belong, but if you’re a big guy, and you smoosh yourself up against another big guy, and you could put a seat between you….please do, not only will you help the other guy out, you’ll be more comfortable too!!!

Oh, and as a side note to everyone who booed Nate Mclouth (who now plays for the Braves), you’re all idiots. It was NOT Nate’s fault he got traded, in fact he had just signed a deal with the Pirates when they pulled the rug from underneath him….boo management not Nate, morons!!!  Nate was really upset, and showed it in interviews when he was traded.

Ahh…Love that smell (H2O)

Ok, so this may sound weird, but I’m hoping someone out there understands me! I am addicted to the smell of tap water! I don’t know why, I think it may have to do with having a pool growing up and loving to swim and be in the pool from sun up to sun down…

You  know, the chemicals in the water, like chlorine…… it’s starting to worry me. I actually prefer tap water to bottled water b/c of the smell. When we buy bottled water, my husband will take the empty bottles, wash them out, fill them with tap water and label the lids with a “C” before putting them in the fridge.

I find myself when I’m tired, bored, stressed, etc..taking the lid off of my refilled bottle and sniffing the water before I drink it! Then as if that isn’t bad enough, sometimes I’ll slosh the water around inside my mouth to get an even better whiff! I mean I love water, I’ve been drinking a ton of it, but I’m  starting to wonder if it’s that smell driving me towards it!!!

Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there.  I love washing whites because between the fabric softener I use and the bleach, when I pull the shirts out to let them hang dry, I sniff those too!!!

It’s not like I’m huffing bleach here, but I do LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the smell of water and bleach or chlorine mixed together. It makes me  happy! But besides sniffing it, like I said, I love drinking water, and I also love being in water! I take a bath for every ailment I develop! I love to submerge myself down to just my mouth and nose above water to breathe and just lie underneath it. When drinking it (and smelling it) I get urges to just dump it on me….(I never do of course)


But I’ve developed this chemical buzz…like I like using sharpies cause I like how they smell, and I absolutely love the smell of spray paint. When I’m working on a craft or project, I can just sit there and spray away and it doesn’t bother me….not saying it’s healthy…but it doesn’t get to me.

Again, before you go calling some 1-800 # to get me help, it’s not out of control (at least not the sharpies and spray paint thing…I DO NOT HUFF).  But can anyone relate to my water addiction?

well, time to go fill my water bottle…..mmmmm…water!!!!